Soldier in Washington writing home about camp life



Date Written

Jan. 9, 1862

Gorge Carman was 19 years old when this was written.
Gorge Carman died 3 months, 26 days after writing it.
It was written 161 years, 8 months, 14 days ago.
It was a Thursday.

Jan 9, 1862
Camp Scott, Virginia

Dear Joe,

I received your letter of the 31th today and I was very glad to hear that you was all well and I am glad that Mouther has heard from aunt Margaret and cousen Jos. and____you must give my love to Joshline and tell him if he comes to Washington he must come over the Potomick and see me. I will try to get a Pas (pass) to Washington after I am Paid of that will be on Monday. You must ask Joshline how long __ Regiment has bin in Washington. That theater I was a spiking (speaking) about is about half done now and we expect there will Acting in about 2 weeks so we will have a good time of it this winter out hear. Tel Ben that I wood like him to send me the Sunday Merkery (Mercury) next week. Thar is nothing new agoing on out hear now. No more than Picket Dutey. We have avanced (advanced) our Picket within a mile of the rebels now and Gen Heintzelman says that he will make them fight or leave ____ fore we Picket by the Regt. so now I finish this letter fore I have to go on Drease Praid (Dress Parade?) now I must wind up by teling you to bea a good boy.

G. G. Carman

*Some spelling corrected and grammar added to make reading easier.

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