Soldier writes home of battle, casuaties, hogs eating the dead


Date Written

Oct. 12, 1862

Charles Morfoot was 39 years old when this was written.
The recipient, Elizabeth Morfoot, was 39 when it was received.

Charles Morfoot died 37 years, 2 months,
It was written 160 years, 11 months, 11 days ago.
It was a Sunday.

Fish Crick, Ky
October 12, 1862

Dear family,

I am wel but somewhat worn out. We have been on the march for 12 days and likely to be some time yet. I received your letter of Jef and sis last night. We get a mail occasionally. I will give you an account of some of our tramp and doings. I got a letter from Dan and Phebe. She wanted to kno how we sleep and what we eat and drink. I have so poor chance of writing. You can sho her this. Well we eat any thing we can get from wormy meat to crackers and to day and yesterday we have nothing but corn and punkins and sleep on the ground with an oilcloth to cover us. Our drink is coffe made in a tincup and mudy water out of ponds and holes and glad to get that.

As to our business, we have been chasing Bragg from Louisville. We travel over hills and across woods and fealds. There has been fighting for 4 days on some parts of the line. On the 8th was the big fight. We did not come up until 3 o’clock and formed our line about 300 yards in rear of our Batery and stood near an hour when we were ordered up the hill. Up we went on double quick and a yel. When we got up the enemy was on the run. We ran about 1 1/2 miles. They placed their Batery and ours halted and commenced fireing. We past our cannon and went between the two. The shels flew in every corner, canister and grape. We lay there 2 hours ready to charge there Batery, but ours finely silenced theres and dark ended the contest for that day. Nothing but Providence saved our Regiment that evening.

We passed over lots of dead and wounded on our left, was dreadful. We camped on the field that night. I saw hogs tearing at a dead man. His head was shot off. We moved 13 Oct., next day, along the line 2 miles. Sights enough to see in campt. One day they was burying for 2 days and was not done when we left. I must close soon. This 13 days we are on the march and will bee. I have wrote all the worst side about our living. We have better most of the time. I got your letter. I think they come by wagon now. Direct as before by Louisville until further notice.

C. Morfoot

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