Soldier writes home to his father from Washington City


Date Written

July 24, 1862

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Naum Haus Apgar was 21 years old when this was written.
Naum Haus Apgar died 2 years, 3 days after writing it.
It was written 161 years, 2 months, 11 days ago.
It was a Thursday.

110th Reg. P. V.
Camp Pope, Va.
July 24, 1862

Dear Father,

This evening I write you a few lines. I am well. Hope this will find you all the same. Today I was in town & sent you ten dollars. I paid the freight on it. I had intended it should pay part of your expenses down to see me. I intended it merely as a present for you but we are under orders to march tomorrow morning at 4 o’ clock. I don’t know where to, so I fear that you will not get down to see us here. You shall hear from me shortly again if I live & keep my health. I read a letter from brother this evening. My un-dying respects to you. Enclosed with this is a portrait I had taken this evening so you can see how I look at the present; it is for you all. I sent those ten dollars today to Mt. Union. It is yours. Some say we are to go south to Warrenton on trains. It may be. I must close for the present. Goodbye. Goodbye, farewell, respects to all. Love & I remain sir, your most affectionate son.

N. Haus Apgar

Mr. John A. Apgar

On the view on the first page of this sheet in an ink mark you can see where our present encampment is.

Yrs. N. H. Apgar

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