Soldier writes that he and his comrades are anxious for England to enter the War


Date Written

Dec. 14, 1861

Gorge Carman was 18 years old when this was written.
Gorge Carman died 4 months, 21 days after writing it.
It was written 161 years, 9 months, 9 days ago.
It was a Saturday.

Dec 14, 1861
Camp Scott, Virginia

Dear Brouther,

I received your letter last night and I was very glad to hear from you. We ar all well out hear at present. there is not mutch excitement around here now but the news about having a war witch England has raised a littlel (little). The boys ar all ankes (anxious) that we wood have a fight witch England fore thay think we can knock hell out of them. Fore my part I wood serve five years more just fore the fun of liking (licking) them like the devel. I hope they will diclare war with this countrey for then we have plentey of fighting to do then the south can be lick(ed) then in six month for they will go right into them then and no more lolling about it.

The Col is a going to build our Regt a theater in our encampment and there will be acking (acting) 2 nights in the week. Joe says he thinks that a solger life is not a very hapey one. That is so witch (with) some but thay ar dam fools. For my part I am as hapey as I ever was fore I take things as thay come along and make the best of them fore is no use to be unhapey if I was so incline fore that wood onley make worse fore me so you is to git the most fun you can wile you ar about it. I am hapier know (now) out hear then I was when I was home last fore I am satesfied now but you must not think it is all play fore it is not, tis dam hard worke out hear for we do not have no beds hear then laying on the ground thes cold nights on Picket is not what it is crack up to be so that you can see that them men that come out hear to be gentlemen got suck in.

Tell mouther not to woured (worried) about what I have said but all true but I am ust (used) to it all and never had as mutch sickness as a could (cold) yet. You want to know if I want anything particular. I want you to sent about a quart of rume and 2 1 cent pipes like I uste to smok when I was home and sume (some) smoking tobacca and Mouthers, Joes, and Hateys puckers and I will send my. when I get paid. You had beter send the box a week before newyears fore it takes 6 days before I get it and bicides I will be agoing on Picket newyears day. Send 2 ____, No. 2 led Pencils and oblige.

G. G. Carman

*Some spelling corrected; periods, paragraph divisions, and commas added to make reading easier.

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