Soldier writing to inform a father of his son's death in prison



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Oct. 16, 1864

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The following was written 158 years, 11 months, 19 days ago.
It was a Sunday.

Rock Island Ill. Barracks No. 65 the 16th/64

Mr. J. G. Taylor,

Dear Sir it is with sad regret that I wright to you this morning to inform you of that your son Gipson is no more.

He has bin sick some two weeks and was taken to the hospital some four days a since and died in the night of the 14th ins. The diseas was lung fever from sudon cold so I hasten to let you know so you can come or send after his remains if you wish. As that is alowed I believe at least there has bin a number removed from hear so the quicker you come or send the better if any of your folks come pleas let Mother know and she will send me some clothes she has made for me and you will do me a great favor.

Gip has the new suit of clothes you sent him soon after he got hear and if you do not send for him wright what to do with them and his other tricks that he left. Tell who ever comes to let me know as I would be glad to sea any of you from Davies.

This leaves me in good health and hope it may find you and family in the same tell Mother that I am in good health and hope to remain so. Pat Coyle is well and all of the boys from Davies hoping to hear from you very soon.

I remain as ever

Your most devoted

J. H. Vencill
Barrack 65

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