Son of Jeremiah Townley Chase writes letter regarding sale of slave woman


Date Written

Oct. 6, 1826

History Referenced

The following was written 196 years, 5 months, 25 days ago.
It was a Friday.

Annapolis 6th October 1826

Dear R,

I wrote to you last spring about a Negro woman for whom I gave $301 in 1822. She is now about 20 years of age and has a child in his fourth year, a smart & pretty Boy with whom I am unwilling to part, but I cannot separate Parent and child. You said then, Woolfolk would give $250 for both, if he will give $301 the sum I gave for the woman alone, he shall have them. The woman has lost some of her teeth before and is ugly. I wrote to you on the 28th, but have not heard from you since.

Yours truly,

R.M. C _ e

R. H. Moale, Esq.

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