Son writing to Father about a rift that has developed



Date Written

Sept. 14, 1784

Thomas Green was 23 years old when this was written.
The recipient, Dr. John Green, was 48 when it was received.

Thomas Green died 14 years, 8 months, 15 days after writing this.
It was written 239 years, 21 days ago.
It was a Tuesday.

Cambridge 14th September 1784

Dear sir, After my duty to you I embrace this opportunity to write one more letter to you, in which I would inform you we are all well & hope these lines will find you & yours enjoying the same blessing.

I acknowledge the reception of your letter etc—in which it is observed money is scarce, and you will turn what I pay for the horse that Elijah had to ride his young upon; with Mr. Marble I would observe I paid a dollar for said horse, and if it is turned it will answer my intention, as to the reasons rendered for calling Elijah home, I would observe when I was at Providence that I told my brothers John & Timothy the true state of his progress, and the reason why it would be best to have him taken home, as to my being much gone from home on journeys, it did not in the least influence him not to study, for the whole of my being gone did not amount to a fortnight—I would farther observe that the dullest [?] was sent to me, however Sam well pleased in his going home, for Sam conscious I took every necessary pains to urge him to a due attention to his books, I was loathe to use any rigorous method, because of his being so near a kin, all I have further to say is I hope I shall hear of his making a greater progress whenever he shall go

Sir, I should be glad to hear of the welfare of the family as often as may be; as I wish the prosperity of the family, wheather I am esteemed as one are not. I think hard however, that I myself when I come meet with but a cool reception; and those in connection with me to be received but upon the terms of black contempt. Altho the carracter & fortune may stand upon or par with the other connection lately formed—Sir, I hope if I have offended Father or Mother, God will forgive me, my folly—But I must need say it is hard fortune that follows me in that respect, which I have named, but I trust I shall meet with my reward if I patiently indure these things; as I must. God has given me to see the imperfections of all worldly injoyments, and to seek a better inheritance with Christ Jesus that you & I if we be found in walking in the way of the Lord, shall be admitted to at last. Sir, I close praying that God would give you divine consolation of mind, & the continuance of health & every other needed blessing. Your son in duty—

Thomas Green

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