Susan Hale writes to Myrtilla Miner about John Brown, when Edward Everett Hale will return, and Miss Miner's School



Date Written

Jan. 13, 1860

Susan Hale was 26 years old when this was written.
The recipient, Myrtilla Miner, was 44 when it was received.

Susan Hale died 50 years, 8 months, 4 days after writing this.
It was written 163 years, 8 months, 22 days ago.
It was a Friday.

Dear Miss Miner,

My brother is still away, but we hope for him now very soon—for I suppose he is on the water coming as fast as steam can bring him. When he comes, I shall shew him your letter, as soon as I think he ought to think of anything besides his wife and the children—and after that he shall “prophesy” for you—out of my own head, I can give you nothing but the warmest interest and sympathy.

By next spring, who knows where this ball has that has been set rolling so fast by John Brown’s wrath may have brought us all!

You say you rest—I don’t believe you ever do, but I’m glad you pretend to, for I know you ought.

Now let me tell you there was a splendid boy born to my brother three weeks before he went to Europe, so that he has two children to greet. Mrs. Emily has been with her mother almost all through his absence, but we have just got her back, and she is perfectly well, and Nelly is a tall and wise young lady—and the “boy” (who waits for a name till his Papa returns) is a great piece of sunshine.

It would be discouraging would it not! If prudence should compel the postponement of that building of yours—Hard to remember that “They also serve who stand and wait”.

Fr. shall soon have Edward’s opinion. Only think that all the Harper’s Ferry Tragedy has begun & ended in his absence. How much he has to think and say about it—

In goodbye—will you take care of yourself and not worry about things?

Truly your friend,
Susie Hale

January 13, 1859---No! ‘60

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