Three of four brothers die during civil war


Date Written

Jan. 12, 1864

History Referenced

Edward Leroy Lemert was 18 years old when this was written.
Edward Leroy Lemert died 69 years, 7 months, 2 days after writing it.
It was written 159 years, 8 months, 23 days ago.
It was a Tuesday.

Perryton, Ohio

January 12, 1864

My Dear Friend:

I am sorry I have been unable to respond to your much welcomed letter from Hiram sooner, but many circumstances have conspired to prevent it — among which was the sad intelligence of the death of my remaining brother: borne to us by paroled prisoners from Savannah Ga. Sad indeed has been our loss during this cruel war. Three of four brothers have died in the country’s service: one at St. Louis of disease; one at Chattanooga of wounds: one in Sumpter prison at Andersonville Ga of starvation — a sad, sad accord!

Bitter is the cup of grief the accursed rebellion has brought to our dear mother, to me! May they meet forgiveness! But it seems beyond human power. I sometimes feel almost angry with myself for having quitted the service before all was accomplished that we hope and expect.

Man is a creature of circumstance. So with me. You know my predilection for a farmers life. Well, those same feelings have returned upon me and now that I am (or very soon will be) in possession of a very nice one of the nicest and best in the township) farm. I presume it may be said my course of life is settled, but notwithstanding that I am to be a farmer. I have very strong inclinations to observe your programme and shall at least to the extent of returning to Hiram in March. You pay me a high compliment in speaking of our associations in the army and let me assure you I feel glad that you thought me worthy of it...

Although I was unaware of your real feeling toward me I felt ever at ease in your company and shall be grateful always for your kindness and favor toward me.

All that the most sanguine have expected has been achieved by our armies and the war of factions within and the liberation of their Negroes with vigorous intention on our part will soon seal the fate of the last rebel.

Truly your friend,

Edward L. Lemert

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