Travel letter


Date Written

May 9, 1867

Jane W Howell Ford was 72 years old when this was written.
The recipient, John Ford, was 76 when it was received.

Jane W Howell Ford died 15 years, 9 months, 25 days after writing this.
It was written 156 years, 4 months, 14 days ago.
It was a Thursday.

Saturday evening
May 9, 1857

My Dear Husband and Family,

I hasten to inform you of our safe arrival and pleasant journey. We reached here today at one o’ clock without any fatigue, in good health. We spent the first night in Baltimore, travelled the next day until six on a rail road, then took the stage and rode all night. The next morning, we took the steamboat on the Monongahela to Pittsburg. We had good company all the way through. It cost us 23 dollars and 75 cents. Thus, a kind Providences has preserved us through what seemed like many dangers for which I hope I am thankful. When I called at the store to enquire for Seely, the man in the store asked me if I was his sister, said he had gone to the river to see if he could find us. Barber had sent in today directions for our coming to Lebanon. Seely is very pleasantly situated. I like the appearance of his wife much. The all seem delighted to see us.

Sunday afternoon. I have attended the church of which Dr. Beecher was formerly pastor, heard him preach twice. It is close to where Seely lives. I find that even great men can preach moderate sermons. I have heard as good at home a many a time from those who have never been doctorated. Far as I am from home and surrounded by those I love, I find my thoughts often going back to the place from which I started with a wish that I could for a while sit down and converse on things to which those by whom I am now surrounded are matters of indifference; but with those I have left behind occupy the deep recesses of the heart.

May our heavenly Father give us grace to sustain us under his chastising rod and enable us to profit by all his dealings. Do write as soon as you receive this, for I shall be very anxious to hear. We expect to leave here in a day or two for Lebanon. Seely and his family have made arrangements to go there and to Dayton with us to spend a week or two. My love to all I could say much more but it is Sabbath and of course improper to write more. Tell Dinork she must not forget her book. I think of her every day, your affectionate wife and mother.

Jane W. Ford

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