Travelling through Louisville

Date Written

Feb. 9, 1818

History Referenced

Henry Carver Bosler was 32 years old when this was written.
The recipient, Elizabeth Kennedy Bosler, was 26 when it was received.

Henry Carver Bosler died 26 years, 10 months, 17 days after writing this.
It was written 205 years, 7 months, 26 days ago.
It was a Monday.

Louisville 9th Feby 1818

My Dear Wife,

I wrote you on my arrival here last week and intend to start tomorrow for St. Louis. Col. Gratiot goes along , we have prospects of hard frozen roads and will do doubt get along very well. We had it in contemplation to have gone a good part of the way in a steamboat which is now aground and cannot get off until the water rises.

I have dined out several times since here with my old friends, was at tremendous Ball given by Batchelors. Two or three hundred gentlemen & ladies were at it amongst the rest was Mrs. Fishly, who looks as though she might yet be a maid, but few handsome females—men of Kentucky look better than females. It seldom happens that two men are engaged in the same duty in the same room & at the same table. Tis now the case, Capt. Gale & myself are both writing to our wives. He received a letter from his today from Natchez where she and her family arrived lately. They have not seen each other for 2 ½ years. What think you of that my good wife, he read her letter to me in part & showed me her hand writing. She writes cheerfully, her style and handwriting superior to anything come from the pen of woman. Those seafaring men’s wives lead solitary lives, but think little of it when used to it.

I have nothing new, strange, or important to tell you, but only close that you & little Tom, who Mr. Ruler writes me is getting to be a fine hearty fellow. May each enjoy your health until I see you again—you must write me again at Louisville, Lexington, Chillicothe & Limestone to meet me on the way back—and you can write once to St. Louis after you receive this.

I enclose you a 20 dollar note to buy yourself something & Tom some cakes—

Adieu my dear Eliza,
H. C. Bosler

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