Widow writes to daughter of hard times in Poughkeepsie

Date Written

Oct. 15, 1839

Adriana Callow Relay was 81 years old when this was written.
The recipient, Harriet Relay Tucker, was 49 when it was received.

Adriana Callow Relay died -6 years, -9 months, -14 days after writing this.
It was written 183 years, 11 months, 8 days ago.
It was a Tuesday.

October the 15th 1839

Deare Child,

I rite thes few lines to let you [know] I ant very well at present. I got a very bad col. I beene sick with it two weeks. I am in hopes it git better some. I shobe [should] a Rote to you beefore but I seene so much trodles [troubles] and trieles [trials] in this world. Still the Lord is broth [brought] me sofor true [so far through] it. He is a blessed Lord to hwoe [who] puts there trust in him. Morey and Cathrine Mary was here one month with me and we past the sumere [summer] very plesent together. I had a very fine garding [garden] this sumere and I maid it all myself, plant everything in it myself. I have work in it like a man. It seems to me if the Lorde [?] me. I planted 90 cabish [cabbage] plants gut [good] and they looke very well and my Tators is very fine. I sente you one with Mrs. Nie to you and she sayed she woold give it to you. It very large. It waid [was] bettere than a pound. I hope will git it. It is a lage [large] Irishmen.

Harriet, you woold not now [know] Poughkeepsie now. It is [?] so much they mad [made] a new streete from the church down to Catty Tonsome [Thompson?] and she has had to bill [build] a new house. They duge [dug] mie [my] street in some placis [places] five ore six feet. And if the pepele [people] cant pay fore it they will sell the property. I aint seene Lewis sence last Novembere senc James dette [death]. I Robart wife went and left my three days aftere [after] his dette. Now James wife live with me. I got home the 17 of November and I left them all well. Maby recivid [received] a lettere frome you and said you were tall [all] well. I went to see Lewis and I was there one weeke and they were [were] all well. James widow lives with me now. She is a swate [sweat] woman. She goes out a sowing [sewing] some times and takes sowin in the hous.

Tervsison [Venison?] is very hie [high] here. Beefe is one shiling a powne [pound]. Porke a shiling. Flowere [flour] is 10 dolere [dollar] a barele, powttre [poultry] 2 shiling a pound. The Lord Nouse [knows] how the poore peepele [poor people] is to live this winter. There is a grate meney [many] here in this place. Maby paid me one munt [month] and when I gote home, I went and gote me a lode [load] of wood. It coste 24 shilings. Wood is very deere here.

Now Harriet come and see me next sumere. It may bee the last the Lord Nous [knows] best. I want to see you very much. Give my love to Mr. Ruffin Tuckere and you’re husband and child. You must kiss them fore me. Cathirin Jonson send here [her] love to you. Betsy love to you all. Dow [do] excuse my bad Priting [printing?]. Don’t let Mr. Tucker see this letere for he will lafte [laugh] at it. From your loving mothere,

Adriana Relay

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