Wife and brother-in-law write to husband who is away from home


Date Written

Jan. 7, 1821

Sarah Marvel Edson was 25 years old when this was written.
The recipient, Daniel Edson, was 29 when it was received.

Sarah Marvel Edson died 49 years, 4 months, 1 day after writing this.
It was written 202 years, 8 months, 16 days ago.
It was a Sunday.

January 7th 1821

Dear husband,

It is with great pleasure I sit down to let you know that I am well and all thee children. William enjois his health very well. Granmother is with me at present. She sends her best respects to you to try to live the life of the righteous that you may dye the death that your last end may be like his. The children have all had the horsetail. Mother has lost her brother Daniel Wood, the widow Eddy has lost her son Nelson, he was drownded by slideing on the ice, Likewise the widow Phebe Chase is dead.

I received your letter on the 2 day of January with great joy. I hope you will send me another as handsome as this as soon as you can. I wish you to come nights and you may go back in the morning. I cannot sleep warm. Elisa Cob is married. Nancy Buffington is out published to Samuel Baker. If you have tar barrels plenty, I wish to send on it load for we are most frose and I think they would make a good fire. I have not seen or heard anything of your mother nor any of the family since you left home.

The children go to school. Mr. Earl ceeps [keeps] the school.
Sarah Edson} this from your best friend so I give way for the rest to show there respects.

Kind Brother
I take this opportunity to rite a few lines to you to let you know that I have not forgot you as you sent your respects to all that respected you. I must rite to you about the times almost every kind of labour is in good demand. Every kind of produce growing hire the prospect of business the next season is very good. I did not leave Taunton until January 4th 1822 and the 7th went to Surinam to ceeping school at 10 dollars a month. It is a general time of health, at pressant there has been a great many deaths within our knowledge.

Theophilus Luther Jr. is no more. Benjamin come from Taunton about the time or soon after you did and I have not seen him since, but I have heard that he and his dog was in the woods.

Bennannuel Marvel Jur.

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