Young daughter writes home to her mother

Date Written

July 3, 1817

Mary Cornelia Daniel was 12 years old when this was written.
The recipient, Margaret Baldwin Daniel, was 33 when it was received.

Mary Cornelia Daniel died 25 years, 8 months, 4 days after writing this.
It was written 206 years, 3 months, ago.
It was a Thursday.

July 3, 1817

My Dear Mama,

How can I express my pleasure on the reception of your letter and the present you sent us. The dresser put us very well and they are made exactly in the fashion and brother’s clothes are very handsome and fit him. He desires to be remembered to Mrs. Hobson and tell her that he is much obliged to her for the pantaloons that she sent him.

Mrs. Muhaux has been in town for some days with all of her family. She says that Mr. & Mrs. Mosley are very well and that they intend to move to the western country the next spring. Mrs. Muhaux was very much distressed while she was in town for the loss of her brother-in-law, she desired me to tell you that you must visit her in your return home from this place. She appears to regret having come so soon, but says she hopes that she will have a better opportunity of seeing you when you come to Lynchburg to live.

Brother is staying with Mr. Bird at present. Mrs. Anderson has gone to visit her parents. Brother’s examination comes on the latter part of next week, if he has any, but Mr. Anderson has not determined whether he will have any examination or not. Mrs. Johnston has invited brother to come to this house and stay until you come. Miss Lucy Johnston came for us once or twice. The first time that she came Aunt Mary was sick and could not go and the other time, Papa was in town and expected to go out that day and we did not go. I am afraid that we have affronted her for she has not been for us since Aunt Mary has been to rival parties. I went to one with her to Mrs. Trent’s. Aunt Mary went to one to Mrs. Norvler’s one to Mr. Dabner and is getting ready to go to one this evening at Mr. Fearson’s. Mrs. Trent has treated us very politely, Mrs. Eva Trent has been in town some weeks, I saw cousin Daniel yesterday evening. He expressed a great desire to see you and Papa says that you must remember him to grandmama and cousin Lucy. I am quite delighted to learn from your letter that you intended to go to the fourth of July, remember me affectionately to my dear Grandmama and Papa. I must conclude as it is time for Aunt Mary to go and I must help her dress, kiss my dear little sisters for me, give my love to all of my old acquaintances and be assured that I remain yours ever dutifully daughter.

Mary Daniel

My pen is very bad, excuse me my dear parents.