Young girl writes brother about the frustration of school



Date Written

April 16, 1863

The following was written 160 years, 5 months, 19 days ago.
It was a Thursday.

Sidney, April 16th 1863

Dear Brother,

I suppose Deal (Adelia) has written all the news but some way it seems as though I would kinder like to write a little nevertheless. I suppose you have got that letter that I wrote a few days ago. Tonight finds us all well at home and well, I guess I tell you it has been a cold windy day–it was cold enough to wear shalls, overcoats, furs, and all the materials for keeping warm. So you see we have a Sunday School. Colonel___ had the firs one today. It was very good one this day and I think we are going to have in the future. Ed will do well enough if he can keep from laughing and you know that is hard for him sometimes. You ask, Almiron, about me whether I am going to work out or what I am going to do, in fact, I do not know what will become of me. I know one thing though, I will tell you remember about going to the drill last spring to Mr. Knapp. I mean I know full well that I did not farly deserve a curtificutt (certificate) but I tell you I think I ought to have had one this time for my education is good enough for I learned a great deal last winter. I went through the Arithmetic & geophry and gramer. Our teacher thought I was a good scholar but to tell the truth I went to the drill spring_______but Mr. Knapp would not give me one but perhaps it is all right.

Now I tell you Almiron, you may ask any one that was ther and they would say that I answered as many questions as half of the girls that got certificuts. That is as true as I live. I went to Franklin you see Mate Davis_____ Father went with me. They were in the drill sometime. They thought I did very well, but never mind. I don’t care a darned for him. No I don’t. Mr. Knapp don’t like me and that is the reason yes it–so you see I can’t teach on the ____of that darned Sht t t t t. But so far me I don’t think I am able to work out for I do not feel very well the must of the time but then I cannot tell what will become of me. I can tell you I am discouraged entirely but it is always darkest before day. I may come out all right some day but I can’t see the point–(Albiron, how I do want to see you. You must not stay there if it a horable thing you must come. Yes you must–but it will do no good to talk about it so much. I have not seen Sarah Bush yet although she has been in the place 5 or 6 weeks. I suppose Epheram is as happy as a clam but I have seen Ed Granger baby. It is a real pretty little one for it is a ____of its___

But I will not write much now I guess for I am sure you will get tired reading what I have written. I was going to write to Albert Woolcott but is his address the same as ever; if it is, I will write if you will let me know. As I said before, I will stop writing for it is bed time, and time all honest were in bed so I will be _____ Write soon for we are so glad to get letter from you. Ever your own little good sister.


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