Young sailor who will die at sea in months writes home



Date Written

Jan. 7, 1791

Joseph Kent was 21 years old when this was written.
The recipient, Joseph Kent, Sr., was 50 when it was received.

Joseph Kent died 8 months, 4 days after writing this.
It was written 232 years, 8 months, 26 days ago.
It was a Friday.

Point Peter in Guadaloup
January 7th 1791

Honoured Parents,

I embrace this opportunity to acquaint you of the good state of health I now enjoy & have ever since I left Newbury. You and your family I hope enjoy the same blessing. We arrived in the above port Jan 3rd after a passage of 27 days all hands well.

I have sold my barrel of potatoes for 7/6 cts which is all of my adventure. I have yet sold my apples I have lost & my chees is damaged but I hope to get the first cost for it.

We have sold all our cargo and landed the cheif of our fish. Molasses is a preasant scarce and deer, but there is a prospect of its being in plenty and cheep in the course of five or six weeks for the crops are very good. We expect to lay here til the middel or last of March and I wish you would find me word how you all do if you have an opportunity.

We have a very good captain & mate & the crew live very happy together. Pleas to remember me to my relations and acquaintance and all enquireing friends so no more at preasant.

From your dutiful son and ever shall be,

Joseph Kent

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