Charles Morfoot

Date of Birth

Aug. 19, 1823

Date of Death

Dec. 12, 1899

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Charles Morfoot was born 200 years ago.
123 years ago, Charles Morfoot passed away at the age of 76.


Charles Morfoot enlisted 9 August 1862 into the Ohio 101st Infantry, Co. C, and he mustered out on 12 June 1865, thus serving one month short of three years. He was promoted to Corporal 30 August 1862, then to Sergeant 1 August 1863 and finally to Lieutenant 3 November 1864. He served in Company C until he became Lieutenant and then was transferred to Company B. The 101st participated heavily in the Civil War, seeing action at the battle of Perryville, Stones River, Chickamauga, Resaca, Kennesaw Mountain, as well a numerous smaller engagements.

Charles Morfoot writes home to his family in Bucyrus, Ohio on 12-13 October 1862. Although the letter carries the heading, "Fish Crick, Kentucky," the combat that Charles writes about is that of the Battle of Perryville on 8 October 1862. From the Civil War Data Base, "In October it (101st) marched with the Federal force in pursuit of Gen. Bragg, and was engaged in the Battle of Perryville. In this, its first encounter with the enemy, the regiment bore itself well and bravely, meriting and receiving the praises of its brigade and division commanders, and losing several men."

This letter was written 11 Jul 1863. This is a very descriptive letter, not only about the hardships of camp life and the desperate plight of the residents of southern Tennessee, but it has an extraordinary account of soldiers in battle talking to the enemy while shooting at them. He writes that several of his comrades from Illinois recognized some of the rebel soldiers as friends or acquaintances from home and called to them by name as they fired upon each other. Few letters provide such a curious and vivid confirmation of "brother against brother."

It was written on an unusually long sheet of paper which he describes in detail and relates that he purchased it that day for 5 cents. For this reason each page required two scans, which explains the shorter images--each is simply the ending of the previous page.

Charles wrote this letter 26 Aug 1863. It describes a foraging expedition and the abundance of food subsequent to it. He also writes about two other significant incidents: The first in which a woman walks with her children to the camp searching for her husband (a Confederate) who has been taken prisoner by the union forces. She tells Charles that the rebels had told her that the "yankees" were killing women and children, but she states that she had in fact been treated better by the yankees than the rebels. In the second incident, Charles relates a story about how some of the "boys" in his regiment were bad--stealing buttermilk from a woman who was selling it to the soldiers.

Charles writes to his wife on 20 Nov 1863 about the Federal troops passing through Bridgeport on their way to confront Gen. Bragg and about the expenses of camp life.

Charles Morfoot was born 19 August 1823 and died 12 December 1899. He was married to Elizabeth Boyer.

Charles Morfoot, 37, is enumerated in the 1860 Census as living in Bucyrus, Crawford County, Ohio. Living in the household are Elizabeth, 37, John, 14, Eliza, 12, George, 8, Cory, 3, and Ida, 1. Charles' occupation is noted as Brick Mason.

Charles Morfoot, 47, is enumerated in the 1870 Census in Bucyrus, Crawford County, Ohio. Living in his household is Elizabeth, 47, Cora, 14, and Ida, 11. Charles is still listed as a brick mason.

1880 Census
Charles Morfoot, 57, is enumerated in the 1870 Census living in Bucyrus, Ohio. Living with him are Elizabeth, 56, Ida May, 20, and Bertha B, 10. Charles' occupation continues as brick mason. Elizabeth is noted as being partially deaf.

In the 1890 Veteran's schedule it is noted that Charles was a Lieutenant. His date of enlistment was noted as 9 August 1862 and discharge 12 June 1865.

There is a death notice for an Elizabeth Morfoot, of Bucyrus, Crawford County, Ohio for the date of 4 April 1910. There were two Elizabeth Morfoot's living in Crawford County; the other one was the wife of Charles' son, John. John's wife; however, was still living in 1916 when she filled out a pension request as a widow for John's service.

A military pension for Charles Morfoot, Co. B, 101st Ohio Infantry, was applied for 5 August 1889 as an invalid and 8 May 1900, a widow's pension was filed for.