Clement S Dunning

Date of Birth

July 15, 1836

Date of Death

May 4, 1908

Letters Authored


Letters Received


Clement S Dunning was born 187 years ago.
115 years ago, Clement S Dunning passed away at the age of 71.

Letters Authored in Collection

Date Recipient Title
Jan. 26, 1865 Abigail Dunning Letter to sister about slave children


Clement Skolfied Dunning writes to his sister Abigail B. Dunning.

Twenty-nine year old Clement writes his little sister, Abby, about a show he saw in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The performances were by three slave children.

Clement Skolfied Dunning was born 15 July 1836 and died 4 May 1908 in Harpswell, Maine. Clement’s sister, Abigail was born in Harpswell, 27 October 1841 and died 13 November 1865. Their parents were James Dunning (b. 16 December 1793, d. 15 August 1874) and Abigail Merryman (b. 8 November 1796, d. 19 February 1873) and were married 26 February 1824.

Clement was married to Francis Tyler Eaton (b. 8 February 1846) in 1873. Francis died 21 October 1875 and Clement remarried Abbie Anna Tibbets (b. 23 January 1851, d. 29 July 1920) in 1880. Abbie and Clement had one son, William Clement Dunning (b. 3 November 1881, 4 October 1962).

James Dunning, 58 was enumerated in the 1850 Census and living in Harpswell, Maine with the following members in the household; Abigail, 52, Hiram, 25 (occupation given as Mariner), Benjamin, 23, Mary Ann, 19, Clement, 14, and Abby, 8. James’ occupation is listed as Farmer.

James Dunning, 67, is enumerated in the 1860 Census and living in Harpswell, Maine with the following members of the household: Abigail, 63, Hiram, 34, Benjamin, 32, Clement, 23, and Abbie, 18. James’ occupation is listed as Farmer, his real estate value is $2,000, and his personal property is listed as $400.

James Dunning, 77, is enumerated in the 1870 Census and living in Harpswell, Maine with his wife, Abigail, 73, and Clement S, 33. Clement’s occupation is given as Farm Laborer.

Clement S. Dunning, 48, is enumerated in the 1880 Census as living in Harpswell, Maine, and with Abbie A. Tibbets, 28. His occupation is listed as farmer. His marital status is noted as widower.

Clement S. Dunning, is enumerated in the 1900 Census and living in Harpswell, Maine. Listed as part of the household is Abbie A. Dunning, wife, William C, son, and Clement S, nephew.