Enoch Long Colby

Date of Birth

May 7, 1797

Date of Death

Aug. 24, 1849

Letters Authored


Letters Received


Enoch Long Colby was born 226 years ago.
174 years ago, Enoch Long Colby passed away at the age of 52.

Letters Authored in Collection


Dr. Enoch Long Colby (b. 7 May 1797, d. 24 Aug 1849) writes a rather long letter of intention to Sarah Maria Porter on 12 Sep 1836. He was apparently successful as they were married 8 May 1838.

Parents: Isaac Colby (b. 6 Aug 1768, d. 25 Oct 1860) and Mehitable Jones (b. abt. 1768).

Siblings: Mehitable Colby (b. 3 Feb 1792), Isaac Colby (b. 6 Aug 1793), Lydia Colby (b. 11 Dec 1798), Mary Colby (6 Apr 1800), Nehemiah Colby (b. 24 Feb 1802), Sally Colby (b. 16 Dec 1803), Moses Sawyer Colby (b. 4 Dec 1807), and Richard Colby (b. 24 Feb 1775).

Wife: Sarah Maria Porter (b. abt. 1808).

Children: Edward Porter Colby (b. 4 Mar 1839) and George Colby (b. 1846).

Edward Porter Colby was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was educated in Claremont, and eventually went to medical school at Long Island College Hospital. He married Annie S. Judson of South Malden, Massachusetts 17 Dec 1861.

Maria Colby, 42, is enumerated in the Census and living in Claremont, Sullivan County, New Hampshire. She is the head of the household and living with her are Edward Colby, 11, and George Colby, 4. Enoch died in 1849.