Hale Leavitt Keyes

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June 30, 1814

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Hale Leavitt Keyes was born 209 years ago.

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Hale Leavitt Keyes was born 30 June 1814 in Putney Vermont.

The letter was written by Hale Keyes 6 May 1836 to his friend James Murdock Smith; it is not only interesting for its cross hatch writing, but for its content. Particularly interesting is its description of the Naval Yard in Boston and the USS Constitution as well as Boston Square and Faneuil Hall and a Jackson political meeting that took place there. He gives his opinion of the incomplete Bunker Hill Memorial, and gives his account of riding on a train as follows: “I think I never went through the air as fast as I wanted, but to go at the rate of 35 miles an hour is fast as I care about.”

Father: Daniel Keyes (b. 22 Feb 1782, d. 22 Jul 1876)
Mother: Sally Gibson Foster.

Siblings: Calvin Foster Keyes (b. 25 Jul 1809, 29 Sep 1862)) and Electa Leshon Keyes (b. 20 Aug 1811).

Wife: Clara A. Woodman

Children: George L. Keyes (28 Aug 1840, d. 30 May 1907), Clara Stacey Keyes (b. 27 Aug 1844), Mary Electra Keyes (b. 13 Oct 1851).

James Murdock Smith was born 23 Aug 1816 and died 27 Nov 1899. His wife was Margaret Louise Sherwood (b. 17 Jan 1825, d. 24 Jul 1887). They had at least two children: Margaret L. Smith and Philip Sherwood Smith (b. 22 Nov 1863). James Murdock Smith's occupation is noted as judge in the 1880 Census where he is enumerate and living in Buffalo, Erie County, New York.

Hale L. Keyes, 36, occupation noted as clerk, noted as born in Vermont, is enumerated in the Census as living in the City of Charlestown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Enumerated in his household are the following: Clara A. Keyes, 34, George L. Hale, 11, Clara L. Keyes, 6, and Bridget Doherty, 24.

Daniel Keyes, 66, a farmer, noted as born in Vermont, is enumerated as living in Gouverneur, St. Lawrence County, New York. Listed in his household is Sarah G. Keyes, 66.

Joel Keyes (Likely the uncle Hale mentions), 64, is enumerated in Gouverneur, living next door to Daniel Keyes. Listed in this household are: Royal Keyes, 26, a male, Lydia Keyes, 24, Ellen Keyes, 19, Stephen Keyes, 14, and Moses Austin, 23.

Calvin Keyes (Hale's brother), 41, is enumerated in Gouverneur as living next door to Joel Keyes. Enumerated in his household are: Rebecca Keyes, 35, and George Keyes, 14, and Sarah Keyes, 10.

Hale L. Keyes, 42, occupation listed as Bookkeeper, is enumerated in the Census as living in Newton, Massachusetts. Listed in his household are: Clara W, Keyes, 37, George L. Keyes, 19, occupation noted as clerk, Clara L. Keyes, 16, and Mary A. Keyes, 10.

Hale L. Keyes, 56, Occupation Book Keeper, is enumerated in the Census and living in Newton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Living in the household are: Clara A. Keyes, 54, and Mary Keyes, 18, Royal M. Pulsifer*, 27, occupation noted as Newspaper Publisher, property value $100,000, Clara S. Pulsifer, 25, and George R. Pulsifer, 5 months.

*It should be noted that an article in the New York Times dated 2 May 1888 mentions Royal M. Pulsifer as the President of the Boston Herald Company. He was also a president of the Marietta and North Georgia Railway Company.[1]

Hale L. Keyes, 66, is enumerated in the Census and living in Newton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Enumerated in the household are: Clara A. Keyes, 64, and Catherine Bronson, 23, a servant.

The following members of the family are buried in the Riverside Cemetery in New York. Pictures of some of the family's gravestones can be seen at the following website: [2]
The Keyes family marker
Sara Keyes, Hale's mother.
George F. Keyes
Calvin Keyes
Rebecca Keyes (Probably Calvin's wife)
Susan K. Keyes