John E. Davids

Date of Birth

Sept. 16, 1816

Date of Death


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John E. Davids was born 207 years ago.

Letters Authored in Collection


John E. Davids was an attorney and was admitted to the bar July 2, 1842. He was born 4 September 1816 and raised in Pleasant Township, Ohio; he attended Granville College in Ohio. His professions included teacher, attorney, and Mayor of Marion, Ohio from 1858 to 1861. He married Charlotte Bain, the daughter of William and Mary Bain on 22 July 1844.

The letter, written by John E. David in May of 1844 to his future in-laws, is a remarkably formal request for Charlotte Bain’s hand in marriage. The correspondence seems to leave little doubt of John’s occupation.

John E. Davids’ parents were William Davids (b. 1793, d. 20 April 1870) and Magdalena Jenkins (b. 1793, d. 26 November 1866), each were born in Wales.

John E. and Charlotte Bain (b. 19 July 1826) had the following children: William B. (b. 1846), Henry Louis (b. 1852), John H. (b. 1854), Chauncey N. (b. 1857), Elizabeth M. (b. 1860), Jennie M., John J., and Mary C.( b. 1849, d. 20 March 1870)