John Warren

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Date of Death

Jan. 8, 1863

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John Warren was born 199 years ago.
160 years ago, John Warren passed away at the age of 39.

Letters Authored in Collection

Date Recipient Title
None Jimmy Warren Letter to son


The John Warren letter to his son is the one letter in the archive that is very difficult to authenticate. First, there is no date on the letter and its content references no personal identifying features such as family members or non public events, places or dates exclusive to the life of John Warren. The letter is signed, John Warren, 18th Georgia Regiment, Capt'ns Armstrong. It is written to his infant son, to be read to him in the future should anything happen to him. It may be the very note John Warren wrote or perhaps its simply a copy made by a family member of an original letter; we will never know the story of its origination. What is known is that someone, a very long time ago, went to some effort to save the disintegrating paper, but unfortunately, placed non-archival tape on its tears which stained the little note and increased the damage to it. Ordinarily, it would not be considered for the Archive, but should it be the real thing, it would undoubtedly be the one of the most poignant letters so archived; John Warren died from wounds he received on in the road at the foot of Mayre's Heights at the Battle of Fredericksburg.

John M. Warren, 26, a farmer laborer, is enumerate in Wilcox County, Georgia. Enumerated with him is James J. Warren, 8 months, and another farm laborer, Spencer T. Holt.