Ledyard Seymour

Date of Birth

Aug. 2, 1773

Date of Death

March 9, 1848

Letters Authored


Letters Received


Ledyard Seymour was born 250 years ago.
175 years ago, Ledyard Seymour passed away at the age of 74.


Ledyard Seymour biography

The following biography was taken from “A History of the Seymour Family” by George Dudley Seymour and Donald Lines Jacobus, 1939

“Col Ledyard Seymour born at Hartford, Conn., 2 Aug. 1773, died there 9 Mar. 1848; married first, Amanda Redfield, born 15 July 1775, died at New York, 24 Jan. 1795.
He was graduated from Yale College in 1792. “Soon after graduation he was married to Amanda, the youngest child of Dr. John and Amanda (Russell) Redfield, of Guilford, Conn.; and immediately went into mercantile business in the city of New York under the patronage of some of his maternal relatives. His wife died in New York of the smallpox, on 24 Jan. 1795, in her 20th year, leaving one child, who died in infancy. After prosecuting his business for a short time, he found himself unsuccessful and relinquished it, probably in 1796. In 1800 he went to Havana, and resided there for three years; after his return, he made a short stay in Boston, and then settled in his native city, where he resided for the rest of his life.”
Ledyard remarried Hannah Thomas Berkenhead 13 Sept 1807. They had the following children:
Amanda Seymour: born May 1812; died 30 April 1904
Isaac Thomas Seymour: born 1814; died 7 Sep 1834
Samuel Seymour: born 9 Oct 1817; died 11 Aug 1859
Charlotte Seymour: born 1821; died 31 May 1843