Luman Tenney

Date of Birth

Oct. 1, 1841

Date of Death

Feb. 14, 1880

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Luman Tenney was born 182 years ago.
143 years ago, Luman Tenney passed away at the age of 38.

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Luman Harris Tenney mustered into the Ohio 2nd Cavalry in the summer of 1861 at the age of 19 where he rose from Commissary Sergeant to Captain by the fall of 1864. He is best known for having written and account of his experiences during the War entitled, “War Diary of Luman Harris Tenney, 1861-1865.” He was born in Oberlin, Ohio on 1 Oct 1841 and died 10 Feb 1880.

Twenty-three year old Captain Luman Harris Tenney writes to the father of Richard M. Bail as to the details of the death of his son at the Battle of Five Forks. It is a rather graphic description of the final five minutes of Richard's life and subsequent interment. Captain Tenney apologizes for not taking a more active role in the burial because he was attending to the burial of his own younger brother, Theodore, another casualty of the Battle of Five Forks.

Parents: Dr. Luman Tenney (b. 3 Apr 1809, d. 15 Dec 1844) and Emeline Charity Harris (b. 9 Oct 1809, d. abt. 1870)

Siblings: Minerva Tenney (b. 19 Sep 1837), Melissa Roxana Tenney (b. 21 Jan 1840), Theodore Albert Tenney (b. 15 Nov 1843, d. 1 Apr 1865).

Luman Harris Tenney was married to Francis Delia Andrews on 16 Apr 1867. Francis was born abt. 1841 in Minnesota. The couple had the following children: Barnard Frederic Tenney (b. 4 May 1868), Theodore Edward Tenney (b. 16 Feb 1870), Mary Emeline Tenney (b. 27 Aug 1872), and Luman Harris Tenney (b. 18 May 1877).

1860 Census
Luman H. Tenney is enumerated in the Census as living in Oberlin, Lorain, Ohio. Enumerated with him are the following: Emeline E. Tenney, 50, Mauney C. Tenney, 22, Melissa B. Tenney, and Theodore J. Teney, 16.

Luman H. Tenney, 27, is enumerated in the Census as living in Oberlin, Lorain, Ohio. He is listed in the household of Andrew Edwards, 61, a gunsmith. Also listed in the household is Fanny (Francis) Tenney, 24, Barnard Tenney, 1, and Theodore Tenney, 2 months. Luman's occupation is noted as “Steam Boating.”

Francis D. Tenney, 36, is enumerated as the head of the household in the Census and living in Glyndon, Clay, Minnesota–Luman is notably absent. Also listed in the household are: Bernard F. Teeney, 12, Theodore E. Tenney, 10, Mary E. Tenney, 7, Luman H. Tenney, 3, and Arthur C. Andrews (noted as brother to Francis), 25.

Francis D. Tenney was listed in June 1890 as the surviving widow of Luman H. Tenney in the Eleventh United States Census--Special Schedule of surviving veterans and widows of Oberline County, Ohio.

Richard Bail, 8, is enumerated in the Census as living in Deerfield, Portage County, Ohio. The head of the household is Susannah Bail, 37. Also listed in the household is Mary E. Bail, 17, Thomas Bail, 16, and Ellot L. Bail (female), 3.

Richard Bail, 18, is enumerated in the Census as living in Rock Creek, Ashtabula County, Ohio. Listed as the head of the household in which he lives is C. Lewis, 56. Also listed is Susan Lewis, 48, Sarah Bail, 21, and Ella Bail, 13.

Based upon the census records for Richard Bail, the presumption would be that his natural father had either died or disappeared prior to 1850, and that his mother had remarried Lewis, to whom Tenney's letter was written.