Margaret Reynolds

Date of Birth

Sept. 29, 1846

Date of Death

June 13, 1938

Letters Authored


Letters Received


Margaret Reynolds was born 177 years ago.
85 years ago, Margaret Reynolds passed away at the age of 91.


Margaret Caroline Reynolds, called Maggie by her family, was born 29 September 1846 in Mocksville, North Carolina. Her parents were Reuben Reynolds and Laura C. Sanford; it is believed that Laura Sanford Reynolds died subsequent to April 1848 and prior to August 1850, when Margaret would have been two or three years old. Margaret was married in 1870 to Andrew Carson Cowles, a farmer, businessman, and a state legislator.

Maggie Reynolds was a first cousin of Margaret Isabella Reynolds, known as Bell, who authored one letter in the Archive. The "Bell" letter also mentions the execution of Tom Dula.