Seymour Moses

Date of Birth

July 23, 1742

Date of Death

Sept. 17, 1826

Letters Authored


Letters Received


Seymour Moses was born 281 years ago.
197 years ago, Seymour Moses passed away at the age of 84.

Letters Received in Collection


“Seymour, Moses, soldier, born in Hartford, Connecticut, 23 july, 1742; died in Litchfield, Connecticut, 17 September, 1826. He was the fifth in descent from Richard, the ancestor of all of his name in the United States, who settled in Hartford in 1635...Moses removed to Litchfield in early life, became captain of a troop of horse in the 17th Connecticut militia regiment, and in 1776 was given the same rank in the 5th cavalry, with which he served in repelling Tryon's invasion in 1777, and at the surrender of Burgoyne. He also did good service as commissary of supplies at Litchfield, which was then a depot for military stores. In 1783 he retired with the rank of major. Major Seymour held the office of town-clerk for thirty-seven years consecutively from 1789 till his death, was elected annually to the legislature from 1795 to 1811, and was active in the affairs of the Protestant Episcopal Church. He was greatly instrumental in securing the proceeds of the sale of the Western Reserve for the promotion of common-school education, and is said to have originated the plan. He is one of the figures in Colonel Trumbull's painting of the surrender of Burgoyne.” [3]
[3] “Virtual American Biographies”, Book I: Continental Discovery to 1899.

“Litchfield's Inland location on major trade routes gave the town a unique role during the American revolution. Because Litchfield was considered a “safe town,” secure from British attack, patriot leaders asked the townspeople to serve as jailers for loyalist prisoners. The prisoners were in Litchfield's jail and in the home of Major Moses Seymour. Litchfield's best known prisoners were William Franklin, the royal Governor of New Jersey and son of Benjamin Franklin, and the mayor of New York City.”[4]

[4] “Litchfield Historical Society.”

“Henry Starr, b. 1/12/1785, Litchfield, Ct; son of Daniel, s/o Joseph, s/o Joseph (2), s/o Joseph (1), s/o Comfort (2), s/o Thomas and s/o Dr. Comfort Starr. Lieutenant, U. S. Army and a Paymaster in War of 1812. Resided at Hudson, N. Y. and Sharon, N. Y. Taken ill on a journey and d. 8/6/1817 at Albany, N. Y. Episcopal faith. Married 5/1/1808 to Clarissa Peck, daughter of Timothy and Serena Bishop Peck” [5]

[5] “A History of the Starr Family of New England From the Ancestor Dr. Comfort Starr.”