Silas A. Clarke

Date of Birth

June 17, 1826

Date of Death


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Silas A. Clarke was born 196 years ago.

Letters Authored in Collection


Fifteen year old Silas Anderson Clarke writes a letter to his brother, David Everett Clarke, 14, in Saxtons River Village, Windham County, Vermont.

Silas Clarke writes about the boarding school where he lives, inquires about family matters, and discusses his options for his summer break. The content of the letter suggests that although Silas would like to spend the summer with his brother at their grandfather’s home, it is doubtful that this will be possible. Additionally, they are unlikely to spend the summer with their mother as she will be living in Warner, New Hampshire. Their father, Dr. Silas Clarke, died when they were quite young. Their maternal grandfather, David Everett was dead by the writing of this letter, and so the grandfather that Silas writes about in this letter is almost assuredly his paternal grandfather, Timothy Clarke. Timothy Clarke is listed in the 1840 Census as living in Rockingham, Vermont, the location where Silas writes that he would prefer to spend the summer and he seems to lament that David will not be there. Silas states that he is boarding with a Jonathan Everett and jests that this is probably their 99th cousin. The fact is, the only Jonathan Everett listed in the 1840 Census as living in New London, New Hampshire was; in fact, the boys second cousin, once removed, for they were all descendants of Richard Everett (b. 24 August 1683). Additionally, their mother, Abigail Everett Clarke, is the third cousin of Edward Everett, the famous orator at the dedication of the Gettysburg National Cemetery. The Mr. Guilford in the letter is possibly William M. Guilford of Windham County, Rockingham, Vermont, the only Guilford listed in the 1840 Census as living in Vermont.

Silas Anderson Clarke was born 17 June 1826 and David Everett Clarke was born 19 October 1827. Silas and David were the sons of Silas Clarke, (b. 15 July 1798, d. 20 November 1831) and Abigail Everett (b. 31 May 1804, d. 9 September 1853). Silas Clarke Senior was a physician and practiced medicine in Windham and Townsend, Vermont. He died when the boys were five and six years of age. Abigail Everett was a cousin of Edward Everett, the orator invited to speak at the dedication ceremony of the Gettysburg National Cemetery and one time governor, senator, and a representative of the state of Massachusetts; he also replaced Daniel Webster as the U. S. Secretary of State upon Webster’s death in 1852. Abigail Everett and Edward Everett’s great, great grandfather was John Everett (b. 15 March 1646, d. 17 June 1715). Silas and David had one other sibling, Martha Abigail Clarke, (b. 29 March 1830, d. 13 October 1878).

The boys’ maternal grandparents were David Everett (b. 20 August 1763, 6 June 1838) and Jemima Haven (b. 18 April 1769, d. 2 April 1852).

The boys’ paternal grandparents were Timothy Clarke (b. 9 April 1767, d. 9 September 1848) and Sarah Burk (b. 8 July 1778, d. 2 May 1851).

Silas married Lorinda Alverson 9 November 1858. Lorinda was born 31 May 1834 in New York. They had four children: Martha H. (b. 1 September 1859, d. 13 November 1859), Henry Wilder (b. 20 March 1862), Harriet Alverson (b. 29 September 1863), and Warren Everett (b. 20 June 1870).

David married his cousin, Henrietta Sarah Clarke 29 December 1833. She was born 29 December 1833. . They had five children: Charles Everett Clarke (b. 13 November 1857, d. 3 August 1861), George Haven (b. 6 June 1859), Henrietta Burke (b. 11 February 1861), Emily Ann (b. 20 June 1863), and Helen Currier Clarke (b. 22 August 1868).

1850 Census
Silas and David’s mother, Abigail Clarke is living in Warner, New Hampshire with her mother, Jemima Everett. By this time both women are widows.

1860 Census
Silas and Lorinda are enumerated in the 1860 Census as living in Ipswich, Massachusetts, with Silas’ occupation listed as clerk.

David and Henrietta are enumerated in the 1860 Census as living in Concord, New Hampshire with two children, Charles E, Clarke, 2 and George H. Clarke 1; there is also a Charles Clarke, 20 living in the household whose occupation is given as clerk, probably Henrietta’s brother, but there is no confirmation. David’s occupation is listed as merchant.

1870 Census
Silas, Lorinda, and two children, Henry W., 8, and Hattie A., 6, are enumerated in the 1870 Census as living in Methuen, Massachusetts. The children are listed as being “at school” and Silas’ occupation is given as bookkeeper.

David, Henrietta, and two children, Emily, 7, and Helen, 1, are listed as living in Concord, New Hampshire. Emily is listed as at school; David’s occupation is given as Dry Goods Merchant. George, 10 is not enumerated with the family this year, but he reappears if the 1880 Census–supposition is that he may have been away at school and this was not noted in the census.

1880 Census
Silas’ family is found in the 1880 Census in Passaic, New Jersey as follows: Silas, 54, Lorinda, 46, Henry W, 18, Hattie A., 16, and a third child has been added, Warren Clarke, 10.

David and Henrietta are still living in Concord, New Hamphire in 1880. Living with them are George H., 20, Henrietta, 19, Emily A., 16, and Helen C., 12. David’s occupation is Merchant.

1900 Census
David E., 75, Henrietta S., 66, and their children, George H., 40, Emily N., 36, and Helen C. Clarke, 31, are all living together in Concord, New Hampshire in the 1900 Census.