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Stevenson Leslie was born 182 years ago.

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The letter was written by Rheinegal Stephenson (Steve) Leslie (b. abt 1841) to his sister Elizabeth “Lizzie” Leslie (b. abt. 1836). “Steve” Leslie enlisted as a corporal into Co. I of the New Jersey 6th Infantry on 29 August 1861. and mustered out on 7 September 1864. The 6th New Jersey participated in the Battles of Fair Oaks, Malvern Hill, Second Bull Run, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, the Wilderness, Spotsylvania Courthouse, and Petersburg. The letter describes the death of a Confederate soldier at a battle on Malvern Hill and the subsequent rifling of his pockets by the author. The year isn't written on the letter, but the Harrison Landing location for the 6th New Jersey and the “skirmish” as it was described by Stevenson would rather definitively put it as 1862. This is not the famed battle of Malvern Hill (1 July 1862), but apparently a smaller battle taking place a month later since the dateline is 7 August. The sixth New Jersey was involved in multiple battles from June to September 1862, some notable, some not.

The envelope that is now with the letter has the name of S. T. Moore (Samuel T. Moore) on it. This was in fact the Chaplain for the 6th New Jersey. It is not known why the return on the cover was addressed to Chaplain Moore. Obviously Lizzie Leslie received a letter from the Chaplain, whether Stephenson's letter actually traveled in this envelope or was placed in it later is unknown.

Father: David B. Stephenson (1805 — 1880).
Mother: Abigail Ann Stephenson (1812 — 1880).

Siblings: Charles S. Leslie (b. abt. 1834), Elizabeth Leslie (b. abt. 1836), S. Hannah Stephenson (b. abt 1841), Samuel M. Leslie (b. abt. 1843), Henrietta Leslie (b. abt. 1846), Sarah S. Leslie (b. abt. 1848), Anna F. Leslie (b. abt. 1854), and William Leslie (b. 1859).

Not much is known about the Leslie family, but we can surmise from the census data that once Rheinegal (Steve) Leslie returned from the Civil War he got married and by 1870 had four children. He lived next door (or perhaps with) his parents. By 1880, his mother, Abigail is no longer enumerated, so the assumption is that she must have died between 1870 and 1880. Little else is known at this time.

Rheinegal S. Stephenson was enumerated in the Census in Gloucester County, New Jersey. The head of the household was David B. Leslie, 45, noted as blacksmith. Also listed in the household are: Abigail A. Leslie, 38, Charles S. Leslie, 16, Elizabeth Leslie, 14, Samuel M. Leslie, 7, Henrietta S. Leslie, 4, and Sarah S. Leslie, 2.

Rheinegal Leslie, 19, is enumerated in the Census as living in Gloucester County, New Jersey. The head of the household is David B. Leslie, 55, a farmer. Also listed in the household are: Abigail A Leslie, 48, Elizabeth S. Leslie, 24, Samuel M. Leslie, 17, Sarah S. Leslie, 12, Anna F. Leslie, 6, and Willie Leslie, 1.

Rheinegal Leslie, 29, a farm laborer, is enumerated in the Census as the head of household and living in Gloucester County, New Jersey. Also listed in his household are: Hannah Leslie, 29, Franklin Leslie, 5, Laura Leslie, 5, Emma Leslie, 2, and Lewis Leslie, 6 months.

David B. Leslie, 65, is enumerated in the Census as living in Gloucester, New Jersey. Listed in his household are: Abigail Leslie, 58, Sarah Leslie, 22, Anna F. Leslie, 16, and William Leslie, 11.

Rheinegal Leslie, 39, a farm laborer, noted as son, is enumerated in the Census as living in Gloucester County, New Jersey in the household of David B. Leslie, 75. Also listed in David Leslie's household are: Hannah Leslie, 39, noted as daughter-in-law, William S. Leslie, 22, noted as son, Frank Leslie, 16, and Laura Leslie, 16, noted as grandchildren, Louis S. Leslie, 11, noted as grandson, and Harry S. Leslie, 7, as grandson. Rheinegal's mother, Abigail Leslie is notably absent.