William Ramsdell

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Jan. 11, 1811

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William Ramsdell was born 253 years ago.
212 years ago, William Ramsdell passed away at the age of 41.

Letters Authored in Collection


William Ramsdel wrote this letter 12 May 1796 to his wife from New York. He was part of the crew of the ship “Franklin” of New Bedford. He writes that his voyage will take him to London and laments that it may be months before he returns; he expresses his hope that he will be able to spend some time with her next winter. He tells her that his brother John is there with him and aboard his ship everyday.

William's family name was spelled various ways in different archives: Ramsdell, Ramsdel, Ramsdal, Ramsdil, etc, contributing to the difficulty in researching his roots. Additionally, he had two cousins living in Nantucket by the same name. Fortunately, he mentioned his brother's name, John, in the letter, which in conjunction with a comparison of marriage dates with the date of the letter, lead to the elimination of the other two Williams.

William Ramsdel was born abt. 1770 in Nantucket County, Mass and died 11 Jan 1811. He was married to Sylvia Coleman 3 Aug 1790; she was born in abt. 1765 in Nantucket County, Mass. The couple had two children: Peggy Ramsdel (b. 30 Apr 1791 in Nantucket County) and Eunice Ramsdel (b. 9 June 1798). Eunice married Elijah Coffin 6 Aug 1817). [1]

William's parents were John Ramsdel (b. 7 Sep 1729 in Charlestown, Suffok, Massachusetts, d. 9 Sep 1782 in Nantucket, Massachusetts), and Rachel Swain (b. 12 May 1729 in Nantucket, Masschusetts). [1] They were married 3 Jan 1750. [2]

William's Siblings:
John and Rachel had the following children: Sarah Ramsdell (b. 25 Aug 1752 in Nantucket, d. Feb 1831. [1] She married William Myrick 3 Jan 1771. [2]

James Ramsdell (b. 5 Oct 1755). [1] He was married to Mary Foy 22 Mar 1794. [2]

Margaret Peggy Ramsdell (abt. b. 1757 in Nantucket, d. 1 Nov 1781). [1] She married Reuben Fitch 29 Jun 1775 in Nantucket. [2]

John Ramsdell (b. 20 Jan 1761, d. 15 May 1816 in Nantucket). He was married to Phebe Marshall Ellis. [2] They had the following children: William Ramsdell (b. 23 Aug 1802), Charles Ramsdell (b. 7 Jan 1804), and Obed Ramsdell (b. 26 Jan 1809). [1]

Elizabeth Ramsdell (b. 1763, d. 24 Aug 1781).[1]

Eunice Ramsdell (b. abt. 1765, d. 31 Mar 1797 in Nantucket). [1] She married James Clark 24 Nov 1791 [2]

William's grandparents:
Jonathan Ramsdell (b. 23 Mar 1698/99, d. 15 Dec 1777 in Nantucket) and Anna Fosdick (b. 9 Nov 1701 in Suffolk, Massachusetts, d. 2 Apr 1749 in Nantucket). [1]

Eliakim Swain and Elizabeth Arthur (first wife).

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