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Online access to the Poe Archive was created for the sole purpose of providing those who are interested in genealogy, history, or simply want to experience America's past firsthand, access to these articles which are part of our shared history. You will find nothing for sale here, and you have access to the entire archive with no expectation of contribution of any form.

That said, we sometimes have guests that would like to help us with the archive. There are certainly ways in which you could support the archive.

Assist with letter transcriptions

Transcribing early American written documents requires skill and can often be a time consuming process. In our attempt to provide access to documents as quickly as we can, we occasionally have articles in the archive which have yet to be transcribed. If you have the skill necessary to decipher these writings, we would certainly appreciate any time spent towards transcribing these documents. You can find a link to all documents which lack transcriptions here:

Letters in need of transcription
Provide more historical insight

Except where otherwise indicated, most of the historical information on Person or Series pages has been gathered through the use of public databases. Often family members, historians, or other collectors have access to information which we may not. If you have additional insight into a Document or Person on the database, we would be grateful for that information.

Help us squash bugs

The Poe Archive website was crafted in house by a single Poe, and like any project there are certainly bugs. If you happen to run across one, or if you feel some information in an article might be in error - please let us know!

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